Your browser does not support the geolocation standards and cannot determine your position. Please try a different browser.
Consider turning location services off to conserve your battery.
An unknown location error occurred.
The request to get user location timed out.
Location information is unavailable

Location permission was denied.

*** Please turn on location services and then reload this page. ***

iPhone Users
  1. Make sure your browser has permission to use location services. Settings > Privacy > Location services > Scroll down and give permission to your browser.
Android Users
  1. Make sure your location method or mode is set to 'GPS Only', also called 'Device Only'. Settings > General > Location.
Your browser produced an error trying to get the elevation.

Tips for getting better accuracy

  1. Find Me Offroad is intended for smartphones with a GPS chip.
  2. For the best GPS location you need to be outside so your phone has a good view of the sky. Hold your phone in portrait orientation. Keep your hands away from the top half of the phone so you do not cover the GPS antenna.
  3. If you cannot go outside then try to get next to a window. If you are in a vehicle you can hold your phone underneath the windshield.
    Make certain your "Location method" (or mode) is set to "GPS only" (also called "Device only").
    Settings > General > Location > Location method (or mode)
    DO NOT USE the "Power saving" setting because it *ignores* data from the GPS chip in your phone. Also, the "High accuracy" setting actually can give bad locations in urban areas;
15 seconds have gone by and your browser has not produced any location data.

Tips for getting the best GPS reception
1. Hold the phone in portrait orientation and do not block the upper half of the phone with your hand.
2. Go outside or next to a window. In a vehicle hold your phone under the windshield.
3. If none of the above reasons apply, then your phone or tablet likely needs fresh GPS almanac data. Also your phone likely cannot see any cell towers otherwise it would automatically download the GPS almanac data very quickly from a cell tower. ***Be patient!*** Your phone will automatically obtain fresh almanac data from the GPS satellites. However, this will take ***roughly 20 minutes*** and then this message will be erased and coordinates for your location will start to appear.

If your browser does not provide any location data after 25 minutes then it will stop trying and a 'Timeout' message will be displayed.
This screen displays latitude longitude in decimal degrees. All 911 call centers in the USA understand coordinates in this format.
Decimal degrees
...Trying to find your current location...
June 23, 2024 Sunday 5:25 AM